Product Warranty – All Dion products are warranted to be free of manufacturing defects or they will be repaired or replaced at no cost excluding damage as a result of normal wear and tear or abuse.

Product Design – Dion’s industry leading Design Team is available to recommend concepts or assist in bringing your concepts to life.

Product Identification – All Dion products are identified per customer specifications.  Individual names, program name, award product name, years of service, and/or location as well as other necessary identifications simplify sorting and distribution.

Product Shipments – E.A. Dion handles the preparation of NAFTA and Customs documentation, packing lists, tracer/proof of delivery and way bills.

Product Sampling – The sampling process generally begins following supplier selection and product design approval and is the final approval step.  The scope of sampling may be a single product, multiple products or all products dependent upon other requirements such as communication material, brochure production or display building.

Product Customization & Personalization – Customization is Dion’s core business.  Dion’s ability to create and produce custom jewelry products satisfying the unique needs of specific customers promptly is a Dion differentiator. Further enhancing the custom product with eye-catching personalization will continue to distinguish your product from those mass produced.





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