Data Management – Dion manages the identification of acceptable formats, field and data requirements, data entry forms, management of the notification and response process, management of adds, changes and deletions from supplied lists of recipients or eligible participants.

Notification and Response – Dion can handle the distribution of award or notification material to qualified participants, capture the responses, as well as notify the program administrator of responding and non-responding participants.

Reporting – Dion will supply paper based or electronic reporting of shipment tracking, budget information, participation/recipient activity, database adjustments, etc. available on a predetermined schedule and distributed as required.

Recipient Notification and Response Materials – Dion can administer the distribution of program rules, congratulatory letters, ordering instructions and postcard response vehicles.

Billing Services – With a choice of paper or electronic media, Dion can provide billing on a per shipment basis or a consolidation of multiple shipments on a single invoice.

Payment Services – Dion provides a choice of payment methods such as Open Account, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Pre-Payment, Wire Transfer or Corporate Credit Card.

Shipping Method – Dion can handle bulk shipments to a location or drop shipments to individuals or locations, consolidated shipments (single location, departmental packing) and coordinated shipments (multiple locations receive product simultaneously) as required.

Inventory Handling – Dion will inventory product that has been paid for or for which a firm commitment has been agreed upon.  Dion will manage the “min’s” and “max’s” based on documented specifications, and assume security and liability responsibility.

Freight Billing – Dion recognizes the cost of freight may be a concern and therefore offers prepaid, collect and third-party billing options.


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