Recognition Market

Recognition awards programs are at the heart of E.A. Dion’s business.  Dion has produced jewelry programs for a vast number of recognition purposes, including:  

•  Length of Service
•  Sales Incentive
•  Safe Driver/Safe Worker
•  Dealer/Distributor/Entrepreneur of the Year, and more.  

Well-designed recognition and incentive reward programs create an environment where performance is publicly recognized and other employees seek to achieve it.  Jewelry award programs work well in this environment – for a number of reasons:

•  They are THE most personal form of recognition – worn close to the body and go with the employee wherever they are, on- or off-site, for all to see. 

•  Unlike generic awards and products, custom jewelry awards are unique and exclusive.  They cannot be bought, only earned. 

•  Precious metals/precious stones have a high perceived value that only increases over time. 
•  They encompass strong corporate branding, which reinforces the company’s appreciation of an employee’s contributions (unlike a TV or other generic gift that an employee easily forgets was given as an award), thus instilling greater employee loyalty into those most valued by the company.


Promotional Market

The Promotional Market is a dynamic and innovation-driven business. New product launches, meetings and conventions, brand development and brand extensions all represent opportunities for introducing custom corporate jewelry into the mix.

E.A. Dion is quickly becoming the industry choice for emblematic/symbolic products. The ability to address a wide range of price points combined with precious and non-precious product design, sourcing and production capabilities allows E.A. Dion to serve as a Distributor’s single source for all things emblematic. Whether it is a ring, tie tack, charm or lapel pin, you are assured of the highest quality available. 


DSA/MLM Market

Through its Distributor partners, E.A. Dion has worked with over 200 DSA/MLM companies designing and manufacturing Career Path, Performance and other jewelry programs.  Dion formally became an active supplier member of the Direct Selling Association in 1992, making us the longest tenured jewelry supplier member of the DSA.  

Of all of our markets, the DSA/MLM Market is one where design is a key element.  Dion’s industry leading Design Team has the creative talent and experience to create original, memorable and meaningful images and illustrations.  Our Design Team is able to combine a customer’s culture, today’s fashion trends, and the ability to meet budgets of all levels.  As the importance of recruiting and retention grow, so does the demand for visible, fashionable Career Path and Performance jewelry.


Special Markets

E. A. Dion's reputation for creativity and innovation, quality products and services, business integrity, customer service and support have made Dion a sought after supplier for a variety of diverse groups in need of our core competencies, such as:

  •      Athletic/Championship
  •      Healthcare
  •      Military
  •      Organizations/Non-Profits
  •      Public Service
  •      Scholastic


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