We are proud to share with you some of the kind words our Distributors and their End-Users have said about us: 


"Their attention to detail, quality and outstanding service keeps us exclusively using them for domestic programs. They have never missed an event for us, and the quality of the work sells itself."

Henri Bonan, President, The HB Group                                 To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"We have used E.A. Dion for close to 30 years and the partnership that we have is unparalleled.  From the excellent customer service to the creative design and development of the products, we can always count on Dion."

David Dierkes, EVP Sales, Davene, Inc.                               To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"We’ve come to rely on E.A. Dion for direction and support with all our precious metal projects.  Dion treats us like family.  They’re available for any project, small or large, that we bring to them. "

Betsy Kirby, Director of Sales, The Allied Group                  To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"...The craftsmanship and quality of their product is beautiful. We feel it is the highest standard in today’s industry..."

Chris Fox & Christine Engel, Bill Fox Co., LLC                       To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"Our companies have worked together for many years, not only with customers in the United States but also abroad in places like Mexico. Their people are reliable, their products are excellent, and we at Blackinton are deeply thankful to be working with them."

Stacy Rochefort, Domestic & International Sales Support Manager, V.H. Blackington & Co. Inc.                To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"the professionalism, the positive attitude and the wonderful partnership that I have experienced from Dion’s management through sales and production employees is something very rare in business today. The “Can Do” attitude is exceptional!"

Ed Naber, President, Art of Achievement, Inc.                                    To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"...Quality is a given.  Support is reliable and timely.  Product is appreciated by our clients ...Experience gives us support and ideas to make us look good.  Reliability is built into every order..."

Jon Dubbs, Owner, Recignition, LLC                                      To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"...much of my success, happiness, and incredible customer loyalty is in great part due to my partnership with E.A. Dion, which spans over a quarter of a century.   From artwork to finished product I have never been embarrassed by E.A. Dion and am constantly gratified by the delight my customers have in the quality and beauty of their awards.  Interestingly enough it has been the same for a 50,000 piece order or a 25 piece order."

Richard Varge, President, Varge International                To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"We cherish our relationship with E.A. Dion as one of those most valued, most reliable and

most fair of any supplier we have ever dealt with in our fifty years in the award business."

William E. Seybert, President, Seybert Sales                 To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"We couldn’t have been more pleased with our choice!  We never have to wonder when the orders will ship as the timing is always consistent.  The orders are sent, we sit back and all is meticulously and perfectly handled." 

Jim Gallagher, President, Proforma Destiny Promotions        To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"E.A. Dion continuously proves to be an excellent resource for high quality recognition jewelry, lapel pins, and medallions for our marketing company."

Luke Bradley, President, Drive Marketing             To View Entire Letter - Click Here


“E.A. Dion provides excellent products and service ensuring top-rate quality in a very competitive market. ... There is always peace of mind when working with E.A. Dion."
Darrell Tucker, President/Owner, Absolute Recognition, Inc.
              To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"Over the years, our drivers have raved about the high quality of their awards.  In addition, our management group truly appreciates the reliability with which we can depend that our will be the right ones and on time..."

Randy Perry, National Fleet Safety Manager, Frito Lay US                  To View Entire Letter - Click Here


“Dion is clearly in a class by themselves when it comes to translating and excuting a design on paper, into an attractive and functioning piece of jewelry, whether it is emblematic or otherwise."
Sheila Pratt, Jewelry Buyer, Mary Kay Inc.
        To View Entire Letter - Click Here

“I can offer no greater compliment than – your company’s work is your best advertisement….The program administration you perform, in conjunction with Imperial Marketing, make all our lives here at DaimlerChrysler much easier.  The most impressive service, however, is your manufacturing capability and quality.” 
Chuck Halsig – Chrysler Corporation     To View Entire Letter - Click Here


“E.A. Dion provides some unique support in the industry.  We have often come to rely on them to create custom ideas and concept artwork for new awards with nothing more than verbal instructions. Their art department is second to none….”This is the standard we now hold all other competitors to.”
Tom Buiak, Manager, Distributor Recognition, Herbalife     To View Entire Letter - Click Here


"It really makes me proud to be associated with a professional, and to know that you have our interests and needs at heart..."

Michael M. Meyer, Fleet Safety Manager, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc.                        To View Entire Letter - Click Here


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